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I teach yoga because I believe this holistic practice can be positively transformational for people – assisting discovery of greater happiness and health, of greater freedom in body and mind.

Yoga can bring us into the present moment, awakening us to being truly alive to what is here.

I get great joy when I see my students experience the benefits of yoga, things like:

Letting go of stress.

Insights and epiphanies of understanding.

Spines that are buoyant on the breath.

Stronger bodies.

Increased vibrancy.

An inner resource of calmness and ability to be OK despite difficult responsibilities.

A growing sense of ease in body and life.

Openness and playfulness in their presence.

Yoga really is a wonderful gift to share.

The journey to teaching

teaching in the Equilibrium studio

teaching in the Equilibrium studio


In 1999, in India, I received instruction and a blessing from a Brahmin Scholar of Sanskrit, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi India who said that I must share my understanding of yoga philosophy and daily living in the West.

My cultural conditioning to downplay incidences like this, for fear of seeming grandiose means I kept it to myself for a long time – even though his associate kissed my feet and excitedly and earnestly tried to convey that this was a very big deal!

It’s taken 14 years to truly acknowledge and accept the instruction and to believe I am ready. 

Working with Maori in managing the natural environment I learned that access to the joys, benefits and rewards of something comes with the responsibility of care. This holds true for the role of teacher.

I have never considered teaching yoga as a skill I could quickly acquire through a route learned approach. I respect people and the power of the practice too much for that.

I believe that how we choose to practise or are ‘told’ to practise may perpetuate harm. So I became a teacher when I felt both strong and humble enough to be capable of holding a sacred and safe space for my students during class. A space where I can open the door to an exploration of yoga that has the most chance of being beneficial to students.


Yoga permeates daily life, so I became a teacher when I felt mature enough in my own life, to be a teacher of yoga in other peoples’ lives.

I am authentic and genuine in living the guidance I offer, in my own life and I am able to be honest about my fallibility.

I’m so grateful that a revered scholar of the Sanskrit Sources felt me worthy of his wisdom. So for him, for his associate, for me and I hope for the benefit of many people, I now embrace his instruction and blessing with enthusiasm for all the opportunities yoga can bring to people and planet.

And to all of you, who read my blog, attend my classes, listen to my guided meditations and relaxations, ask me questions, share your seeking and learning with me … Grazie Mille! Thank You times a million!


Namaste, Rochelle

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