my teachers

Here’s to kissing the lotus feet …

To all my teachers – thank you for taking my practice to greater depths, assisting me to discover what is true to me and what is not.

Donna Farhi Words fail to do justice to my experience of working with Donna. She continually restores my faith in yoga.  She is a leader in the yoga community and I am so grateful for the qualities she brings to evolving this ancient practice.  Donna is wise and able to communicate her wisdom so effectively – every time I work with Donna I learn more patience and integrity and self love, and gain greater ability to integrate intellectual knowledge into experiential practise and visa versa. My body could be a perfect yoga storm if it wasn’t for Donna’s influence – she brings a wonderful respect to being human and truly seeks to make yoga work for each individual rather than trying to make individuals fit within some predetermined ideal of what yoga is.  When I am able to transfer some of this wisdom to my own students they are so grateful – we are a blossoming tree. Thank you Donna for knowing so much more than me and at the same time installing a faith in my inner teacher.


John Scott and Lucy Crawford-Scott for being so open, compassionate and connected in the present moment – may I give that gift to my students also. Lucy for the best ever restorative moon cycle practices!  John for translating his knowledge into a language of metaphors and philosophy that resonates so clearly with me – I could listen and question and share thoughts to infinity... I hope he records some of his stories for us. For a faith and dedication to yoga that is inspirational. For opening up my energy channels and believing in me more than I believed in myself. I will be forever grateful that you held my head in your hands while I cried!


To my first teacher – Rosie Holland – thank you for being a yoga teacher when the student was ready. For being there at the beginning, to return to in the middle, and still being there if I need to return again … your are inspirational. In my very first class, with a body broken, sore and fatigued, I felt prana move in a way that I now realise was a rare gift.


Sam Loe – for being a teacher, and mama, who approaches personal practice and teaching with a philosophy and values resonate with mine. I feel so fortunate to call you my friend. May our practice sustain us.


My children what a blessing to watch two young baby animals move instinctively from womb to sitting, standing and walking – my teaching is forever changed. And if you’re a parent you’ll know how much my life and living changes too – the moral precepts of yoga have a new training ground in my ability to navigate parenthood. Thank you beautiful girls.


And from my chance, or destined, meeting with the revered Scholar of the Sanskrit Sources: you sowed the seed. I am watering it. Thank you for your instructions and blessing. If I knew what I know now I would have kissed your feet.


To my students – I am learning from you continuously – without you I wouldn’t be a yoga teacher. You inspire me.



Grazie Mille, Rochelle  x