yoga class style

I teach hatha yoga.

I seek to assist you to be at ease in your body.

Reconnecting with instinctive movement patterns and trusting your innate intelligence.

Ensuring you align your body well. Working with integrity from the core of your body and being.

Experiencing the energetic gifts of the practice across body, mind and essence.

Yoga with me is an invitation to love and accept who you are in this moment while opening to new possibilities.

Checking in with your approach to practise – is it kind and nourishing, and accepting of who you are?

Remembering that if you are not accepting who you are at this moment in time (including any perceived limitations) then you are rejecting part or all of yourself – ouch!

Taking time to come into a space and place of just being. Letting this sense of your being inform your doing.

Moving from the core of yourself rather than taking an externalised sense of what you think you should do.

A journey. Not an idealised destination.

A practise sustaining you and your body.

When I see or feel a way for you to explore postures differently I will offer suggestions to you either verbally or through respectful touch.

You can trust I want the best for you. Trust your inner teacher too. Communicating with me if any of my suggestions do not feel right for you.

You remain in charge of your body at all times.

You have my express permission to take rest or modify postures at any time where your compassionate awareness guides you.

A typical class includes:

  • coming into the present moment
  • warming up/exploring instinctive movement (as we did in our first year of life)
  • moving into sun salutes
  • standing postures
  • and seated, supine and/or inversion postures.
  • restorative postures
  • deep relaxation


Working with.

Letting go.

Bringing in what is good for us.


Rochelle x